Fredericton Downtown Challenge

Fredericton Downtown Challenge

2nd Nashwaaksis will be holding the annual Fredericton Downtown Challenge on Saturday June 3rd. There will be three trails this year. One for Beaver Scouts of the core downtown, one for Cub Scouts of extended downtown and one for Scout Troops and Venturer Scout Companies of the entire city (city buses and on foot only–your bus pass is your Scout uniform).

Cost: Beavers $2/participant, all other sections $5/participant.
Location: Start and finish @ Officers square Queen St. Fredericton.
Registration times:

  • Beavers- 9am this is not a timed event, Beavers can start when registered and finish when they are done.
  • Cubs- Registration 9am. Patrol leaders meeting 9:40, Grand Howl 9:50. Start 10am. Must be checked back in by 1pm sharp! please allow time for us to tally up scores, awards and closing ceremony between 1:30 and 2pm.
  • Scouts/Ventures/Rovers and Scouters- Registration 11am, patrol leaders meeting 11:40 opening ceremony 11:50 start time Noon. Finish 5pm Sharp! Awards and Closing ceremony will take place after we tally up scores.

Helpful Hints:

  • Registration form – click here to download the registration form. If you wish to save some time, please have the form completed in advance and bring it with you. There will be blank forms at the registration table too.
  • Maps will be provided but please come self-contained, ensure to keep hydrated (bring water bottles, sunscreen etc. ).

Scouts Section and Above: This year we have expanded the challenge significantly, with control points around the entire city accessible by city bus. Note however that only the bus and by foot will be allowed for transportation. We have made an arrangement with city transit allowing anyone participating in the challenge to ride the bus for free during event if they are wearing their Scouting uniform, so please ensure you have a Scouting shirt and or Necker on or you will have to pay your own way on the bus.

City transit has an app–ReadyPass. You are allowed to use this app. Someone in your patrol should download prior to the event.

Some of the bonus control points (Scouts section and above) will require you to take a photo, so please ensure each patrol has a phone or tablet they can use to take photo.

Any questions feel free to contact Scouter Gary.