Meeting About Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

Meeting About Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

To Commissioners and Scouters of Rivorton Area

At the June 13 meeting of the 1st St. Margaret’s Group Committee, serious concerns were expressed about the Scouts Canada policy requiring all adult volunteers to complete the training unit “Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders” by August 31, 2017, for which they would have to pay $30 plus tax. The Group Committee was concerned that, while this training unit was mandated by Scouts Canada, it was not delivered or financially supported by Scouts Canada.

As Group Commissioner, I wrote to Rivorton Area Commissioner John Boyne to indicate that our committee was looking for answers to questions that they had about this policy. John, in turn, wrote to the New Brunswick Council Key Three as well as representatives on the Board of Governors.

John is out of Fredericton this week, so he has asked me to inform you that Peter Biddle, Executive Director of the Scouts Canada Maritime Admin Centre in Dartmouth, NS, along with Robin Ellingwood, the Area Service Manager for Western New Brunswick, will be in Fredericton on Thursday, June 29, and will meet interested Scouters from the Rivorton Area in the Lounge of the Cathedral Memorial Hall at 168 Church Street at 7:00 pm to discuss this and any other issues of concern.

All Rivorton Scouters are invited to attend this meeting.

Peter Kent, Group Commissioner, 1st St. Margaret’s