Work Party – G.L. Miller Campsite

Work Party – G.L. Miller Campsite

The G.L. Miller Campsite and trail system needs a “Scout Good Turn” before the upcoming Provincial Linking camp in a couple of weeks.

We have rounded up two Scouters and their chainsaws (Bill and John , with invitations to others ) to deal with some trees along the Maple Ridge trail and around the campsites. Thank you!!

We need folks( adults and youth) to assist with the following:

  • clearing away trees once they are cut
  • dealing with the many fire rings that are scattered about
  • collecting and tidying the scout staves that are around
  • filling a few large potholes
  • sweeping out and tidying up the outhouses
  • move some picnic tables

Please bring the following:

  • work gloves
  • insect repellent (the mosquitoes are friendly)
  • rakes, shovels and pails to carry dirt and burnt wood
  • your water bottle

Keith and Karoline and I will be at the Miller site at the dining shelters for 6pm. Come when you can and assist us in preparing the G.L. Miller site for the upcoming camp. Even if your group is not attending the camp we would appreciate your assistance!

We will provide treats at the end of the evening.

Please share this with all of your sections.

Many Hands Make Light Work.

Yours in Scouting,

Karoline and Keith Barr