Yoho Clean-Up Day

Yoho Clean-Up Day

There will be a general clean-up day at the Yoho Scout Reserve on Saturday afternoon, November 11th after the Remembrance Day Ceremonies – roughly 1:30 to 4:30pm.

There is a long list of jobs that need to be tackled, including:

  • General cleaning (with specific emphasis on the kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Minor painting and dry wall repairs
  • Checking and replacing lights and fixtures
  • Repairing and replacing locks on out buildings
  • Cutting and collecting fire wood for main lodge and Jensen
  • Picnic tables need to be moved and stacked up on the maintenance side of the building,
  • Docks taken up
  • Water hose taken up in Miller
  • Do inventory and repair of camp cots
  • Check outside stairs – and repair as necessary

We all enjoy coming to a clean and well maintained lodge – but keeping Yoho in good repair doesn’t happen by magic.  We need each and every one of you to chip in and do your part.

Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to put their name in a draw for a reduced rate on their next stay at Yoho.

If you, your youth and/or parents are able to volunteer for all or part of the afternoon, please let John Boyne know so that he can ensure that tasks are organized and necessary supplies are ready for you when you arrive.


October 2017 Service Team Meeting

October 2017 Service Team Meeting


  • Welcome
  • Invocation
  • Scouters Promise
  • Introductions/Regrets
  • Announcements/Reminders
  • Approval of minutes from Previous Meeting
  • Reports
    • Financial – Treasurer’s Report
    • Registration – Registrar’s Report
  • Recognition – Chief Scouts Ceremony (Nov. 4)
  • Yoho
    • Yoho improvements (status update)
    • Funding/Donations
    • Work completed/underway
    • Memorial Trees
    • Jensen re-dedication ceremony
    • Entrance sign
  • NB Council Update
    • Council meeting – Sept. 16th
    • Area Service Manager
    • Area Commissioner
  • Activities Update
    • Cancelled Area Bring a Friend Event
    • Cancelled Dusk til Dawn
    • Popcorn campaign
    • Part 1 training (Sept. 21)
  • Upcoming events
    • JOTA (October 21)
    • Apple Day
  • Business Arising
    • 14th Fredericton follow-up
  • New Business
    • Group Status
      • Registration results
      • On-line Registration
      • Respect in Training
  • Open Forum

Next meeting(s): December 11th, 2017

Jamboree on the Air

Jamboree on the Air

The Jamboree on the Air, or JOTA, is an annual Scouting event that uses amateur radio to link Scouts around the world, around Canada, and in your own community. This worldwide jamboree requires no travel, other than to a nearby amateur radio shack, Scout meeting place, camp or community centre.

Rivorton Scouting youth and families are invited to the 60th anniversary of JOTA. This year’s focus is connecting with as many other Scouting youth through amateur radio and Internet, with other engineering and science experiments and some robots thrown in for a bonus.

Meet in the lobby where someone will greet you or there will be signs and directions to get you to H302 (in old Head Hall)

This year it’s on Saturday, October 21st from 1-5pm.

Re-dedication of the Jensen Lodge & Memorial Tree Ceremony

Re-dedication of the Jensen Lodge & Memorial Tree Ceremony

On behalf of Rivorton Area and the Yoho Scout Reserve Management Committee, all are invited to a special event on Sunday, October 15th, 2017 from 3:00-5:00pm.

Re-dedication of Jensen Lodge
The Jensen Lodge has recently had several significant renovations and improvements. With this revitalization of the facility, we believe it is appropriate to recognize the efforts of those who contributed and also, re-dedicate the lodge.

Memorial Trees for Rivorton “Scouters Gone Home”
An initiative first proposed by Linda Boone. With the support of 1st Nashwaaksis, this spring as part of Scoutrees, six special hardwood trees were planted at the Douglas Pond Outdoor Chapel. We are holding a dedication ceremony to the following Rivorton Area “Scouters Gone Home:”

  • Everett Hansen
  • Bill Benner
  • Jean Anne Cameron-Loi
  • Al Peabody
  • Avens Craig
  • Sterling Tucker

These are the first six of many nominated and the intention is to continue dedications in the future.

Assembly will be at the Main Yoho Lodge, proceed to the Jensen Lodge and then to the Chapel.

If you have any questions on the Jensen Lodge re-dedication, please contact Ben Johnson. If you have any questions on the Memorial Tree Ceremony please contact Doug Prosser.

Please circulate this invitation to all Scouting Sections within your Group and any friends of Scouting that you wish.

We hope you can attend for a nice fall afternoon.

Canadian Path Woodbadge 1

Canadian Path Woodbadge 1

Wood Badge is leadership training for all Scouters. This training has been updated for the Canadian Path program.

Skills developed from Wood Badge training will help you as a leader in Scouting.

No charge for the sessions. To reserve your spot, please contact Scouter Linda Boone.

Date: September 21st, 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Cathedral Memorial Hall

Call for Applications – Deputy Council Commissioners

Call for Applications – Deputy Council Commissioners

Call for Applications
Deputy Council Commissioners

We are pleased to issue this Call for Applications from Scouters of all ages across the province to join the Council Leadership Team as a Deputy Council Commissioner (DCC). You will lead the Council’s efforts in your capacity as DCC and work closely with the Council Key Three (Council Commissioner, Council Youth Commissioner, Executive Director), the Area Key Threes (Area Commissioners, Area Youth Commissioners, Area Service Managers), Area Service Managers and Scouters across the province to providing valuable support to our programs, leadership teams, Scouters and Youth.

Your appointment would be for a one year term, renewable for a maximum of three years. Your time commitment would involve approximately 15 to 20 hours per month as well as periodic conference calls and in-person meetings with other members of the Council Leadership Team. Please note that all DCC positions, in addition to the specific criteria of the DCC position held, also carry the responsibility of support servicing and assisting areas and/or groups with specific servicing needs.

Please forward your résumé by Friday, September 15th, 2017 to nbapplications@scouts.ca.

Thank you for taking into consideration how you might best support NB Scouting in the coming year. We will contact candidates to arrange interviews soon after the application deadline.

Yours in Scouting,

Kerri Daamen
Council Commissioner
NB Council – Scouts Canada

Please submit your cover letter and résumé for the following Deputy Council Commissioner position that captures your interest.

DCC Finance
The DCC Finance is responsible for providing advice and support to the Council Operations Manager as well as oversight of the financial planning /support of our groups and will work closely with the Maritime Office.

DCC Fundraising
The DCC Fundraising is responsible for spearheading (or appointing a coordinator for) the Popcorn, Apple Day and Scoutrees campaigns. This individual is also responsible for finding Area fundraising coordinators, who will then identify group coordinators. The DCC Fundraising will support these teams.

DCC Communication
The DCC Communication is responsible for the creation and execution of a Social Media Team that would produce communication of current events. (Newsletter, Facebook, Web Page, Twitter, etc.). This individual would work closely with our Scouts Canada Youth Spokespersons and ideally, would have a team to share social media postings. The DCC Communication is also responsible for all Council minutes and distribution of notifications as required.

DCC Recognition
The DCC Recognition is responsible for processing of recognition applications for Scouts Canada’s Honours and Awards for NB Council, as well as the annual Council Award Ceremony.

DCC Training
The DCC Training is responsible for coordinating Council training which includes the Mandatory Volunteer Screening process and WBII courses. This individual would also work closely with the Deputy Council Youth Commissioner of Training and the DCC Recruitment/Volunteer On-boarding.

DCC Recruitment/Volunteer On-boarding
The DCC Recruitment/Volunteer On-boarding is responsible for working closely with the Council Key Three and DCC Training, to develop appropriate resource strategies ensuring new Scouters are receiving the training and support required.

DCC Program
The DCC Program is responsible for the support & implementation of The Canadian Path and will act as the Council’s Canadian Path Ambassador at the National level. The DCC Program will also be responsible for leading & coordinating large Council events with an outdoor focus and assisting with area events as required, including the budgeting and forecasting aspects of these events.

DCC Properties
The DCC Properties is responsible for working closely with the Council Operations Manager for the compliance, strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting of the Scouts Canada properties within N.B. Council.

DCC Safety
The DCC Safety is responsible for working closely with the Executive Director and/or Area Service Managers on arising safety issues/incidents. This individual would provide support to Council/area events as required.

DCC International
The DCC International is responsible for seeking out and/or developing opportunities for Youth to lead and volunteer abroad and will work closely with the Council Key Three.

DCC Honorary Legal Advisor
The DCC Honorary Legal Advisor would act in an advisory role working with the Council Key Three Management Team.

Volunteer Opportunity – Area Commissioners

Volunteer Opportunity – Area Commissioners

Scouts Canada – New Brunswick Council Volunteer Job Posting
for Area Commissioners
Rivorton Area, Fundy East Area, Miramichi/Chaleur Area, and Wabanaki Area

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? Get involved as a volunteer with Canada’s leading youth movement and make a difference in the growth and development of youth in your community! We are currently recruiting energetic, organized natural leaders who enjoy being part of a dynamic leadership team!

We invite you to submit your application for the volunteer position of Area Commissioner. You would be accountable to the Council Commissioner and will work closely within your Area Key Three consisting of the Area Commissioner, the Area Youth Commissioner and the Area Support Manager. Together your team will ensure that your Area delivers effective orientation, training, support and servicing to youth and scouters in a safe, high quality program environment. The Area Key Three also works closely with the Council Key Three, consisting of the Council Commissioner, the Council Youth Commissioner and the Executive Director.

Your appointment would be for a one-year term, renewable for a maximum of three years. You would work as an Area Key Three to support Group Committees and youth throughout the Area. Organizing and attending meetings and events will be required. The time commitment, on average, is 16 ‐ 20 hours per month. You will provide assistance and leadership to Group Commissioners, seek youth input in all Area activities, monitor the Area’s as well as each Group’s progress in achieving Scouts Canada’s Program Quality Standards. You will provide feedback, recognition, identify training needs, and deal with the occasional complaint. Your upbeat, positive attitude and ability to work as a member of a leadership team will encourage growth of membership in your area. Please forward your cover letter and résumé by Friday September 15th, 2017 to nbapplications@scouts.ca. New Brunswick Council thanks you for taking the time to consider one of these positions. Interviews will be arranged following the close of applications.

Your Council Key 3,
Kerri Daamen, Council Commissioner
Maggie MacPhee, Council Youth Commissioner
Peter Biddle, Executive Director

Bring a Friend 2017

Bring a Friend 2017

Over the past year a number of us have talked about trying to put on an Area wide bring a friend event similar to the one held in Moncton and described in the attachment.

After a number of false starts and delays, I have tentatively booked Killarney Lake Park for a Rivorton Area bring a friend event for the afternoon of Sunday, October 1st; 1 – 4 pm.

The aim of this event is to showcase all of the fun stuff we do in Scouting and invite friends/the public to give it try.  Ideally we will have 12 – 15 stations/activities that our own youth and guests can rotate through – similar to what typically happens in an overnighter or a linking camp set-up.

Now here is the challenge – in order to move ahead we need as many groups/volunteers as possible to commit to: a) be there and organize/run a station; b) encourage their youth to attend, c) encourage their youth to bring a friend, and d)encourage youth from their more senior sections to help out with running the event.

Additionally, I need at least 2 or 3 volunteers to help me with overall event planning and management.

So – by this time next week (Monday, September. 4th), I need to hear back from as many of you as possible regarding whether you will attend with your section; and/or whether you can offer to organize/run a station; and/or whether you are willing to be part of the overall event planning team.

Your feedback and support will determine whether or not this event goes ahead.  I think it is a great opportunity to promote scouting in Rivorton and will be a fun afternoon for all of our youth.

But unless you commit to making it happen it will just be another great idea that never got off the drawing board.

Please let me know how you are prepared to support this event.

John Boyne
Rivorton Area Commissioner