2018 Rivorton Kub Kar Rally

2018 Rivorton Kub Kar Rally

Event Details

Registration starts about 12pm, with racing starting about 1:15-1:30, should be done with the finals by 4:30 latest. First round of racing will be done about 2:30pm.


Kars must not exceed 142g in weight by the official scale at each rally, and must be less than 180mm in length and 70mm in width. Bottom clearance must not be less than 10mm. It is strongly recommended that weights attached to the underside of the Kar be countersunk to avoid having the Kar drag on the lane strip or jump off the track at the finish line.

Wheel base must not be altered; groove locations in the kit block must be used. If a groove is damaged or is not square, new grooves may be cut but must be the same distance apart as the original. No suspension system or bushings of any kind will be allowed.

Wheel profile must not be changed, including tread area and hub. Grinding down the wheel and hub is not permitted but slight smoothing of these areas will be allowed.

Kars must be built so that the front end is completely behind the starting pin. The nose of the Kar must not be higher than 2cm from the track. The area of the nose in contact with the pin must not be less than 1cm wide to keep the Kar from slipping off the pin.