Star Trek 2017

Event Details

Friday, October 27 – Sunday, October 29, 2017 – Fundy National Park, Headquarters’ Camp Site

Star Trek will be held at Fundy National Park October 27-29, 2017. We anticipate another exciting Adventure with great weather and competitive patrols and companies. Please review the instructions below and if any questions please feel free to contact Garth Holder ( 506-863-5907

Camping is at the Headquarters Camp Site at Fundy National Park, at the Alma entrance of the FNP. Registration is at the first enclosed shelter in the non-service part of the Camp site, starting after 7:00 p.m. Friday evening. From there, we can direct you to some great camp sites. Some camp sites in the back end of the park are serviced with power and water.

Note: the headquarters camp site remains open to the public and some camp sites and otentiks are booked by public. We must use campsites booked under our event.

The shelters cannot be solely occupied by scouts, rather they must be shared and accessible to all including the non scouting occupants of the otentiks.

This is a Parks Canada facility. All Parks Canada rules and policies apply. In particular, there is no cutting of branches and limbs at the campsite or on the Star Trek route. No wood is to be imported to the camp site. There are two fire pits at the camp site.

Please email or call Garth Holder ( (506-863 5907) with your intentions to attend Star Trek and approximate number of adults and youth in the group, and potential evening project. Formal Registration can be carried out upon arrival at the enclosed shelter.

Registration fee for Star Trek is $15.00/participant (adults and youth) HST included which covers the costs campsite, crests, program supplies, prizes, mug-ups. (The cost is decreased to reflect free entry fee at Parks Canada this year.)

There are great camp sites; some have views of the Bay, or some tucked into the trees. Bathrooms (complete with showers, laundry, hot water) are available three washrooms on sites in campground. Cleaning supplies are in the Laundry Room. There are three closed shelters in the Camp site that are to be shared with everyone. We recommend that you have a rain and wind shelter on your own site. We have reserved the additional rustic Shelters for Saturday night. They sleep four in event of severe weather or emergencies. South Chignecto emergency shelters are not available.

Food and Gear
Plan to bring tents and kitchen shelters for your Troop and Company. Plan for cold, rain and wind. Weather systems move fast thru Fundy and weather can change fast. Alma has a small grocery store, with limited supplies of milk, bread, and some camping gear. Sticky Bun Bakery plans to close that weekend (on Saturday) and may have a supply of baked goods on Saturday. Food should be stored in animal proof containers as there are animals roaming the campsite at night.

Star Trek Day Events
Saturday morning, we will have an opportunity to learn and practice skills, including Pioneering, cooking, compass, working with knives and axes, crafts, skills and other games and displays. Orienteering in the afternoon is a scored event. If the weather cooperates, we will offer Star-Gazing as an evening event.

Star Trek Night!
New this year! No vehicle access on Maple Grove from Rustic Shelter to Lower Gate. This means no bail out opportunities and increased risk to participants. The Maple Grove trail will be monitored with stationary projects and First Aid stations, plus we will have roving monitors during the evening and a walk thru sweep prior to departing the hill. We are looking for a few mobile, lower risk projects that can be hiked in to the hill.

Star Trek starts at 7:00 p.m. on the Hastings and Maple Grove trails, which are located approximately four kilometres from the HQ camp site. Please note it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from the camp site to the remote sections of the trail.

Troop leaders are asked to bring a project (meeting Scouts Canada BP&P and Parks Canada policies) that will be consistently run thru out the evening and night, at which patrols are scored for their skills, participation and teamwork.

Youth participants leave their project or designated starts at 7:00 p.m. and walk in patrols clockwise around the circuit, that is, down Maple Grove Trail and up Hastings Auto trail. Typically, we are finished by 2:00 a.m. in the morning

No open fires pits are allowed on the camp site trail. If a fire is required for you event, it is to be contained in a barrel or metal container and completely cleaned upon departure.

All National Park rules apply at Star Trek, in particular, there is to be no cutting of branches or limbing trees anywhere in the Park. A clean up of debris from the forest floor is accepted so as to be able to carry out the project, but sites are not to be significantly impacted. No open fires.

There are at least two mug ups on the trail where participants can enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. Make sure each person in the patrol has a mug.

We have designated security vehicles traveling on Hastings. Other than accessing your site or emergency, there should not be any other vehicles traveling around that evening.

Cell service (Aliant) is available. Rogers and Telus shows extended coverage available. WiFi available on campsite thru Parks Canada. We suggest that each site have a cell phone. Please check your cell service and advise security if any problems.

Youth and adults are reminded that there are animals in the woods, little ones and big ones. It is advisable to make sufficient noise during your walk so as not to surprise anyone or anything.

Security stations will be at top and bottom of the hill monitoring vehicles. All vehicles entering and departing hill will be asked to stop and check in.

At the End of Night!
Please check in to the Headquarters Shelter to advise that your team have come off of the hill.

This is very important!!! To pass the score sheets in BEFORE you go to bed. The scores will be computed throughout the night and ready in the morning closing.