Yoho Clean-Up

Yoho Clean-Up

Building on our great clean-up afternoon from last year, I am hoping that I can count on you again to help with a general clean-up at Yoho after the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Our main priorities will be kitchen cleaning, wood piling at the main lodge and Jensen, removal of the docks, moving picnic tables and assorted repairs and tidying-up.

We will aim to get started around 1pm on November 11th and finish up by 4:30.

I will lay in some cleaning supplies, but please bring buckets, rags, gloves, etc., if you have them.  If any one can bring along a chainsaw (or two), we can certainly put it to good use clearing out a number of downed or likely to be downed trees.

As with last year, everyone who attends can put their name into the hat for a draw for a free weekend stay.

Thanks in advance for your support.

John Boyne
Yoho Management Committee