Good Turn Week

Good Turn Week

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What’s a “Good Turn”?

A good turn is defined simply as an act of kindness provided without expectation for compensation or recognition. This can be as small as buying the cup of coffee for the person behind you in line to creating a large community project that looks to impact your community in a big way. Through these acts of kindness, we can promote a better sense of community, friendship and compassion around the world.
Why we started the campaign

Good Turn Week is an initiative that was spearheaded by Scouts Canada’s National Youth Network that follows the principles of Scouting, which teach youth to always do unto others as they would do unto you. This is how Good Turn Week was born; a campaign designed to encourage Canadians to do ‘good turns’ for each other.

Beaver Scouts promise to ‘help take care of the world.’ Cub Scouts promise to ‘do a good turn every day.’ Throughout all the Sections of Scouts Canada, a significant part of our identity as Scouts is that we ‘help other people all the time.’

During Good Turn Week, Scouts Canada encourages the rest of the country to take on this positive initiative in making the country a happier and friendlier place to live.
How can you get Involved?
Do a Good Turn

You can easily get involved by doing a Good Turn this upcoming Good Turn Week (April 29th – May 7th, 2017). All you have to do is think of something nice you can do for a friend, family member or your community. Then you DO your Good Turn! This year we will be tracking all Good Turns completed during Good Turn Week on the Good Turn Week Tracker – this will be launched in March 2017. Remember to enter your Good Turn on the tracker!